Love is only transformational when it is received in vulnerability…

It is not the fact of being loved unconditionally that is life-changing. It is the risky experience of allowing myself to be loved unconditionally.

— Dr. David Benner (via yesdarlingido)
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I have so much respect for people who have the maturity and humility to admit that they were wrong about something. they’re a rarity. and that’s a shame cause admission to error is essential to growth

hopethroughtheanchor replied to your post: I just wrote the shittiest review I’ve…

So what! It happens and it sucks you feel like crap but guess what you aren’t! I know you are just venting… However I wanna be the encouragement you need and to say keep on because you write wonderful reviews! In fact that’s what drew me to you!

The kind words make my soul do a somersault. Truly, darling. Thank you. But at the end of the day, when I don’t put my all into something and when an episode isn’t exactly great enough for me to praise, I’m a lot more quiet because I don’t like to or believe in addressing things that I’m not too fond of. So generally, I feel like those are my worst reviews because they weren’t passionate enough if that makes sense. And with this one particularly, a lot played into it so I just know it’s a weak one, but I guess I have to try to accept that not everything is going to be good.

Why it isn’t OOC for OUAT’s Kristoff to help Anna go to Misthaven alone without Elsa finding out


I wasn’t planning to write a meta on this till some people thought it was an amazing idea to write their opinion on this issue on my Captain Swan/Kristanna gifset so I felt the need to make a little post about it (wishing they had the same decency to do so instead of harassing my work.) 

Firstly I saw that the argument is that Kristoff wouldn’t let Anna go on a mission like that. But when was the last time Anna actually asked permission from a man? Well, NEVER.

Anna didn’t ask Hans if she can go to get her sister in the movie.(didn’t even let him stop her.) The entire kingdom was under her control at that point and she left the kingdom to find Elsa because she’s her sister. The circumstances on the show aren’t even that extreme cause the kingdom doesn’t need her but still her sister does. So Anna decides to go on that journey without asking anyone’s permission because that’s not what Anna does and even though Kristoff didn’t like the idea (fiance or not) Anna would do what she wanted to do. And what she wanted was for Kristoff to stay there.

Also the conversation between Kristoff and Elsa indicates that Kristoff did want to go with her but didn’t act on this because that was Anna’s wish, for him to take care of her sister, he didn’t even hesitate giving that answer to Elsa because that was obviously something they talked about.

Let’s get back to the movie now. Despite the fact that Kristoff never believed Anna and Hans to be true love from the very start, he brought her to Hans to break the curse and didn’t even try to get into the castle because that was what Anna wanted. He turned back after he realized that Anna might need him even though she was with her true love(!) that he acted on it. Because really how could Hans be Anna’s true love? They only knew each other for a few hours. (which reminds us of OUAT’s Elsa’s comment on how Anna acts before she thinks.)

So yes it absolutely is NOT OOC for OUAT’s Kristoff to not go with Anna because he respects her wishes, he did that in the movie and I’m glad that the writers of OUAT made a great characterization of him in this 3 minutes that shouldn’t even be judged so harshly because really we don’t have the whole story.

PS: I would really appreciate it if you guys stopped violating that gifset. You might not agree with me and it is fine but keep your ideas away from my gifset please. I put my time into this and it is just disrespectful.

"Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
— Philippians 1:6

I just wrote the shittiest review I’ve written so far but discouragements, time constraint and all that jazz don’t really help. And I’m more disappointed in myself than anyone else can be so I felt acknowledging that would make me feel slightly better about the shit I’ve written. This also makes no sense. It’s been an off day.


Hello my precious fellow shippers,

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Thank you for your help! I really appreciate it.

"She believes in that part of him the same way she believes in that part of herself."
— Jennifer Morrison on Captain Swan (x)


It’s all I kept thinking of last night after I saw Emma in her maroon leather jacket and the light coming from her hands. I’m sorry. hahaha.